कोई मिल गया के सरदार जी हो चुके हैं बड़े और दिखते हैं अब ऐसे


You will miss a got bakhubi how your naive-style, Hrithik Roshan Spears from space in the hearts of all of us. But at the same time playful-ji boy Hrithik in that bunch of Sardar of acquired cannot even look style. Bunty Sardar aka Anuj Pandit Sharma as your first entry, child artist year 2013 from Koi mil Gaya. And now emerges as a very promising artist Anuj. Let us know what you are Anuj nowadays.इन्होंने

who played the character Bittu ruler, has now grownबिट्टू सरदार का करैक्टर निभाने वाले अनुज, अब बड़े हो चुके हैं अपनी शरारतों से दिल लुभाने वाले अनुज, दिखने लगे हैं बहुत ही हैण्डसम