10 Bollywood Singers Who Charges More Than Your Expectation For Just A Single Song


As a child, we all fell prey to many preconceived notions about Bollywood and its artists. The false assumptions arose from the illusory portrayal of such things.

We used to think that it is the same artists who sing songs who acts but that’s not true. Indirectly, we have weaken the strength of playback singers masqueraded by the actors, on screen.

But as we grow up, we realize the facts and acknowledge the real voices behind those melodious songs.

Likewise the big names of Bollywood who charge a huge amount as their fees, there are some Bollywood singers too who are paid a big amount.

They are a brand and their names are enough to grab public attention. Here are 10 of them who play in crores.

1. Arijit Singh

The mega star, Bollywood sensation, Arijit Singh, is indeed one of the most successful singers of the film industry. His songs create a likeness and anticipation among people. He charge 13 lakhs per song.

2. Atif Aslam

The Pakistani singer made a mark in Bollywood, with his debut song, Doorie. Since then he is one of the most loved singers in Bollywood. He charge 8 lakhs per song.


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