5 Silly Mistakes In Movie Dangal


The Indian film industry is slowly gaining a huge liking towards real life legends. From biopics to commercially inspired stories, many actors gave life back to the dormant stories of the real heroes.

Just like the trend follows, Aamir Khan has come up with the most exquisite inspirational movie of all time. The story of the four Haryanvi sisters becoming the best wrestlers of the country makes the movie give lime light to the importance of women in the tougher sports.


Acting as their father Mahavir Phoghat, Aamir Khan will be portraying the thinking of the society as well as changing his perspective throughout the movie and teaches a very important moral lesson.

But, every movie which focuses on the bigger subject more tends to end up having some of the silliest mistakes. But, just because this movie has Aamir Khan as the actor cum director of the movie there are no mistakes visible to a layman eye.

Lack of handling the extras captured in the frame.

Though, the girl pointed out below is very little and might not know the frame behavior but the director could have gone for a better candid than this one.


Man caught staring right into the camera.

Well, this one is not a child. So it surely goes into the director’s account.


The cleanest fruits juice vendor ever.

This guy selling fruit juice to be more clingy to cleanliness than Aamir himself. Looks like the director could not keep everything real.


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