This Is How Little Tina Looks After 29 Years Later, Remember She Was In Anil Kapoor’s Mr. India!


Mr. India was a blockbuster movie in the year 1987 featuring the massive superstars Anil Kapoor Ji and Sri Devi Ji. I am sure you all enjoyed Anil Kapoor’s role immensely and must have enjoyed Sri Devi’s sensuous dance.

But, why just the lead characters, we also enjoyed Mogambo and other roles. Mogambo that is Amrish Puri is a character that is remembered by every Indian till today surely. RIP Amrish Puri Ji the legend.

But, not just Mogambo even smaller characters are remembered from that movie. Do you remember the small and cute girl Tina from that movie? She was so cute and lovely, isn’t it?

Now, it turns out that the small Tina is not so small anymore. Her real name is Huzaan Khodaiji and she is totally unrecognizable from earlier. This kind of change is only natural as it has been 30 long years since the super hit movie Mr. India was released. Do not forget to share this with your friends who will be stunned by Tina’s appearance.

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